Trails Near Klamath Falls for Hikers

If you are the type of person that likes to be outdoors and enjoy the fresh mountain air, gorgeous landscape views and no cell phone reception, then you MUST take advantage of the plethora of amazing trails near Klamath Falls. 

With sporadic weather and snow pending any day now, there is still time to jump on our list of best rated trails as they are, with no added difficulty.  These trails don’t require any special equipment, but some do require fundamental hiking, basic levels of physical fitness and entry level hiking boots. Let’s jump into the list, so you can get hiking!  


Trail Distance – 3.5 Miles
Elevation Gain – 1,761 Feet
Route Type – Out & Back

Hogback Mountain is the trail for you if you are looking for great elevation gain, spectacular views of the Klamath Basin and quick access from Klamath Falls.  The trailhead is located just behind the Foothills Fellowship Church on Patterson Street and is easy to find by located the “M” (Mazama High School) on the Southeast trail.  

Because there is no shade on this trail, it is suited perfectly for this time of year when the weather is cool and offers the offset of the usually present sun.  It is a good idea to pack water and healthy energy for a boost when you need it as well as decent hiking boots as the terrain is rather rocky at parts.  

Once you get to the ridge of the mountain, you will be amazed at the views of the basin.  Take your time and bring some binoculars to add to your adventure. On your way through, pay tribute to the now fallen Lone Pine Tree, which has since fallen during a storm, but stays relevant to the hike agenda.  

Check out the testimonials from hikers that have actually hiked the trail below. 


Trail Distance – 9.7 Miles
Elevation Gain – 1,558 Feet
Route Type – Loop

Spence Mountain Loop is part of a much larger trail system that covers over 35 miles of trails with varying levels of difficulty.  As this is a multipurpose trail, you not only see other hikers, but also runners, walkers, and mountain bikers. With a decent elevation gain and gorgeous views of the North side of the Klamath Basin and Klamath Lake, this is a trail that will have you taking moments to “take in” the beauty and splendor around you.  

A little further from Klamath Falls, just 15 miles, will put you at the trailhead with available parking during this time of the year as it starts to slow down and tourism takes a break until Spring.  But hit this trail before the moisture comes our way as the rain and snow can cause damage to the trails and affect both your safety and the repairs needed next Spring.  

So head out to Spence Mountain Loop and feel free to take a detour on any of the Spence Mountain trails depending on your time and energy.  Pack water, snacks for energy and your hiking boots to have an enjoyable hike.  


Trail Distance – 11.7 Miles
Elevation Gain – 2,178 Feet
Route Type – Out & Back 

Varney Creek Trail is one of the best rated trails near Klamath Falls for several reasons.  It is a trail that allows some isolation in the Freemont-Wimena National Forest and leads to the beautiful Lake Hariette & Como.  Also connecting with the Mountain Lakes trail system, there are several smaller lakes that are worth checking out on these trails.  

Being fall, you can rest easy not battling with mosquitos and too many bugs, but don’t plan on camping or swimming unless you are prepared and check the weather frequently as you prepare for your trip.  

As this trailhead is located even further than the Spence Mountain Trailhead, you will want to plan for a full day of transit and hiking if you are coming from Klamath Falls and always check the weather and be prepared with water, snacks for energy and hiking boots as the trail becomes rocky at certain points.  Also, make notes and track by GPS points of interest to return in the Spring as the meadows bloom and the wildlife sprawls throughout the area.  


You might be thinking, what about the Link River Trail or the Mountain Lakes Trails or the dozens of other trails that hikers frequent.  Well, we want to cover all of them, so we will have a part 2 of this series covering 3 more of the best trails near Klamath Falls for hikers.  

If you have had a great experience on a trail or would like to share a story with us, please do so in the comments and make sure to check out next week’s article on more amazing trails for hikers.