Using Technology for your Klamath Falls Real Estate Search

There’s no denying that advances in technology have changed many aspects of the real estate landscape. Klamath Falls real estate buyers and sellers now have the ability to view floorplans online, virtually check out potential neighborhoods, get pre-approval for loans and more.

For Klamath real estate professionals, online listings and social media can improve their market reach without the expense of traditional print media and bring down their overall cost of business.

How Real Estate Has Changed for you as a Seller

If you wanted to sell your home in Klamath Falls ten years ago, you met with a licensed realtor who guided you through how to prepare your home for the local market and price it appropriately. You signed a contract with a realtor who would take pictures, plant a sign in your yard, list your home with the MLS and place an ad for it in the Herald and News or Nickel. They might also have scheduled an open house or listed your home on their own website.  

Today, a new property listing can appear across many different platforms in a very short amount of time. Gone are the days of clunky and hard to navigate MLS websites. Popular real estate search sites such as and Zillow provide sellers with attractive listings that are easy to navigate. Alongside them are social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter which expand your exposure and can create a buzz about your real estate.   

You can also expect your home listing to have much greater appeal with modern features more likely to attract the right buyers. Realtors today often include virtual walk throughs, 3D floor plans, video, high quality resolution photos and even drone footage of property listings.  

Beyond the listing itself, advances in scheduling and the ability to sign documents online has improved the overall efficiency of the selling process and has shortened the sales cycle. Offers can be made, extended, negotiated and accepted in just a fraction of the time that it once took via applications like Skype and OneDrive. This makes for happy sellers and satisfied buyers.

Tech Advances that Benefit You as the Buyer

Today’s buyer seeking real estate in Klamath Falls has access to an unprecedented amount of information. In moments you can research all of the best neighborhoods, learn more about the local school district, and see what businesses serve a given area. You can also learn about the things that might steer you away from a neighborhood or city, such as crime rates, HOA restrictions or unemployment.  Real estate companies and individual licensed real estate agents can improve their presence even more by offering information and reviews of the communities themselves.

Real estate websites like Coldwell Banker HPR and Klamath Farm and Ranch offer you many options to narrow search results to the home that fits your needs and requirements – all in seconds.

Starting Your Klamath Falls Real Estate Search

When you’re searching for Klamath Falls real estate, you can search by square footage, the number of bathrooms, bedrooms, garage size, lot dimensions and more. When you find a Klamath home you are interested in, you can take a virtual tour, see the floor plan, learn the sales history, find Klamath County tax information, and even directly contact the Coldwell Banker listing agent. The ability to search for exactly what you want means you are spending less time looking at properties that really aren’t a good fit.

Our website will also allow you to create a profile and save your search criteria. In turn, we will email or text you when a potential home is listed, giving you a leg up on those who may be looking for the same type of property. You can also set these types of search requests up by contacting one of our real estate professionals.

An Introduction to Community Reviews

Because we are dedicated to the Klamath Falls community and the local residents, we will be putting together articles that feature local businesses, Klamath Falls points of interest and neighborhood information that not even technology can scrape from the internet.

We are committed to this because even though technology has made our lives easier in some areas, there is nothing like a human perspective when it comes to making the important decision of buying a home for sale in Klamath Falls Oregon.

If you would like to use our search engine to find Klamath Falls real estate, please check out and click search in the menu or schedule an appointment with one of our agents by visiting our offices at 3815 S 6th St #110 in Klamath Falls or call us at 541-884-1343.