There are two types of people; 

The type that have the luxury to pay a licensed construction company to renovate their home as they escape the chaos with a timely vacation.  This type calls in and checks on progress while the contractors shows them video of the project. And… 

The type that will be living in and around the renovations and doing it themselves.  This type is taping up plastic curtains to contain the dust and traveling to Diamond Home Improvement 3 times a day because they forgot something or didn’t have enough.     

Whichever type you are, you are most likely looking to increase the value of your home as well as improve the quality of living as you and your family enjoy the home.  

Well, then we’re going to give you a great starting point for renovations that are relatively easy and can be done separately for all of you DIYers or together to make an instant impact to the feel of your home and help drive up the listing price when it’s time to sell your Klamath Falls home.  


Upgrading the floors and carpets in your home can change the feel, lighting and perceived space just by changing colors, continuing floors into adjoining room and having space designated properly. 

There are two ways you can go when replacing your floors outside of the bedrooms.  You can install tile or you can install hardwood/laminate. There are other options like vinyl, but these are the two most popular choices.  

There are many factors including your preference and budget for the project as this project will be the most expensive because of how labor intensive it is.  If you are doing a floor for the first time, know that laying a tile floor (especially long, narrow planks) is much more difficult and time consuming than a wood or laminate tongue & groove system.  

If you are tiling it yourself, I would recommend taping off one room at a time and demoing, tiling and cleaning/finishing before you move onto the next room (especially if you have kids or a lot of people in the house).  Wood or laminate is less worrisome as it doesn’t require “setting”

Check out The Tile Depot for a great selection and expertise or Premier Flooring for a wide selection of floors.     


You don’t realize how much lighting affects the feel of your home until you have to replace one of your warm living room bulbs to a cold and bright one that somehow got into the cabinet.  It can go from cozy to sterile in a flip of the switch.  

Now, sometimes just the change in temperature of the bulb can do the trick.  Temperature of a bulb is whether you’re seeing a bright white versus a warm yellowish glow.  But a lot of times, it is the old light cover that is changing the color of the light and the feel of the room.  

Aside from ceiling fixtures and a look that shows very well when selling your home is a clean, recessed lighting. This type of lighting illuminates the room with the light from a dimmable bulb and is not filtered or affected by a cover.  Because you can not see them, like a fixture, you can tie-in hanging or pendant lighting fixtures in the dining room, preferably over the table and in the kitchen over the island or open counter.  

When selecting lighting fixtures, make sure to think about your flooring color, countertops and cabinetry or any other defining color in the space that you could potentially tie into the fixtures.  

Get a quote from a Klamath Falls electrician for the recessed lighting.  Make sure to ask if they charge for a quote, so you’re not hit with any unexpected costs.  Or check out lighting fixtures, including recessed cans at The Home Depot in Klamath Falls.  


As an adult, why does losing 20 minutes in the paint swatch isle comparing colors named by poets and scholars seem so nice?  But it is! So take some time and find some good color palettes to work with. Some of the primary colors to consider will be permanent fixtures like cabinets or floors and finding wall colors that are neutral and tie in well with secondary colors.  

Depending on the size of your home and room layout, you can choose a lighter color to make a room appear larger or a darker color to create a more defining space and higher contrast.  We recommend off-white in any hue (based on your preference) and white trim to start. It’s simple, clean and depending on your trim and fixtures can modernize the entire home.  

When considering paint, pick several samples from the swatches and ask for samples.  Take the samples home and paint each color next to each other in the room which you are considering the paint.  If you want to take it one step further, have some light bulbs in different temperatures to find a combination you like and that feels great.  

Once you pick a color and you are ready to paint, there is a major step that is more important than any other.  It’s the preparation! Take your time, cloth or plastic sheet everything off, buy a good edging tape for your trim and transitions, and double check before you even pop the lid on the can.  A proper tape and edge job can make an amateur look like a professional. Of course, you can hire a professional painter in Klamath Falls to take the job to another level.  


This really should be done alongside the floors as you’ll probably need to remove the baseboards when demoing and installing the new floor.  If you are saving them and assuming you didn’t damage them when removing, you will need to remove the finishing nails, prep and paint the trim and reinstall them.  

You’ll want to consider replacing them if they are mismatched or damaged.  If there are areas where they were replaced but not matched correctly. And if you are going for a different feel or style in the home.  

Baseboard trim can set the tone and contrast for the entire home and especially in more socially used or higher trafficked areas.  Not only are they used to transition from the wall to the floor, but for the DIYers, they can be used to cover unsightly end pieces or mismeasured cuts.  (I’m sure the pros use this hack, too) 

As you’re walking down the trim isle, remember that “less is more” to steer you away from the gaudy, complicated router patterns that are typically used for very specific styles and tastes, but limits your potential when selling or listing your home for sale.  

Keep it simple and choose fewer edges.  Taller trim look fancier. We think a 4’ high trim with a simple bevel is just perfect for almost any home.  If you’re stuck on a few ones you like, buy one of each and line it up on a wall you can see from your favorite place to sit in your home.  Take your time and pick with your “gut”. It’s usually always right.   


As you decide which renovations to tackle first, keep in mind why it is important to keep you focused.  If you are a DIYer, try to clean up the workspace as you go or very well at the end of each day you work on the project.  If you feel like you’re in over your head, contact a licensed professional. 

If you are planning to sell your home or getting it ready to be listed, contact one of our licensed real estate agents to visit your home and give you an idea how much value these renovations could provide when selecting a price to list.