Fun Things to do in Klamath falls for parents


In the first part of our article about Fun Things to Do in Klamath Falls for Parents, we took a look at activities for parents to do with their kids.  Even though our children are the “apple of our eye” and we love them unconditionally, every parent appreciates and yearns for the times where we can disconnect from parenting from a couple of hours and spend some time for ourselves (maybe the ounce of selfishness we can still have as parents).  

This week we will show you some fun things to do when the babysitter has been scheduled and you are carving out some special time with friends or with your significant other.  As Klamath Falls and the surrounding areas are a mecca for outdoor recreation, we could make a long list of these types of activities (and we will). But for this list, we will focus less on activities that require paddles, maps or hunting rifles and more on activities that require some “out of the box” creativity, using our palate for taste and smell and observing others performing.  



Here is our list of 5 fun things to do in Klamath Falls for parents, but without the kids. 


Sip Wine & Paint at Wild Pigments Studio

 If you’ve ever had the creativity bug, you might have brought out the good ole’ memo pad or legal pad (for all you office professionals), some of your kids colored pencils and sat at the shortened kids table and “expressed” yourself.  If this sounds like you or any version for you, Sip Wine & Paint at Wild Pigments Studio is a perfect activity for you and your choice of companions. 

“Whether it’s a girl’s night, date night, or family night featuring Open Studio Painting or Sip and Paint classes, string art classes or our Annie Sloan furniture workshops we know you will leave with your own unique masterpiece to call your own”, explains the studio from their website.  

You can even book your own private Sip & Paint party with a large group of friends and a studio all to yourselves.  If interested, you can book online or contact the studio


Beer & Live Music at Klamath Basin Brewing Company


Sometimes, it’s just nice to be served warm food and delicious beer while watching a sports game or a live band on a lighted outdoor patio.  If this is an evening that sounds enticing and you also like the best craft beer around, then Klamath Basin Brewing Company is the right choice for your night without the kids.  


Whether it’s the award-winning vanilla porter, the new hazy IPA, or you want to sample each one, KBB has a great choice of geothermally brewed craft beer.  The open dining hours and choice of indoor fireplace seating or outdoor patio seating next to the band gives you flexibility based on your mood that night.


To check out upcoming events or bands at the brewery, follow the Klamath Basin Brewing Facebook page. facebook page and make sure to send compliments to head brewer, Corey Zschoche. 


Watch a Movie at Pelican Cinemas


Although, it’s nice to have conversations with our friends or significant other without your head being manually cranked by a needy toddler or the repetitive request of “Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom”, sometimes it’s also nice to have peace and quiet. 


When I want to tune out and leave the conversation behind, I find a good movie and zone out for a couple of hours.  The best place to do that in Klamath Falls is watching a newly released movie at the Pelican Cinemas.  


The Pelican Cinemas releases most of the major market movies without the major market movie prices.  While $9.75 is already cheap for a main attractions movie theater, there are even more discounted prices for students, veterans and movies that start earlier in the day.  You can check out showtimes and discounted prices at the official website for Pelican Cinemas. 


Catch a Concert or Play at Ross Ragland Theater


For some of us, we enjoy the performing arts and find joy in discovering the underlying message in a play like Swan Lake or singing along to our favorite musicians.  If that’s part of your persona, then you need to check out the schedule at the Ross Ragland Theater in Downtown Klamath Falls. 


Originally a movie theater in the 40’s, this venue has become a year-round, multicultural, multi-disciplinary arts center serving South Central Oregon and Northern California.  With a great balance of plays, concerts and community-oriented events, the Ross Ragland Theater is a must check when you’re planning your evening out.  


Visit the Ross Ragland Theater Website and you’ll be surprised by the range of acts and performances it offers.  While you’re at it, check out it’s youth programs for your kids that are behaving so well for your babysitter as you enjoy your time on the town without  them. 


Watch a Play at Linkville Playhouse


 While the Ross Ragland Theater is a mix of plays, concerts, events and more,  The Linkville Playhouse takes the crown as Klamath’s oldest community theater group. As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, this group is known for providing productions throughout the year with local talent and experienced producers.  


The setting at the Linkville Playhouse is much more intimate and allows for spectators to get up close and personal to the play’s actors, actresses and emotions of each set.  If you have experience in theater at any level and appreciate great performances, check out the upcoming shows and feel free to contact the Linkville Playhouse at their website.     


Add to our list in the comments


While we do think this a great list to start, we know there are several other things to do in Klamath Falls for parents that get a night off from the kids.  So, if you have a go-to activity or want to add to our list, please comment below. 

As always, and in between picking the kids up from school, drop by the Coldwell Banker Holman Premier offices to meet our awesome agents, grab some coffee and discuss your real estate needs.