Adult Sports Leagues in Klamath Falls

Klamath Falls is a great place to live for the active adult who enjoys the excitement and camaraderie of a recreation-based sports league.  Many adults that played sports throughout their school-aged years still enjoy competitive activities and adult sports leagues can help accomplish that urge to compete.  

Others* have made a promise to themselves to stay in shape and running on a treadmill doesn’t sound too appealing.  That’s when they can use sports to mask the dreaded “getting in shape” mindset through competitiveness.

*Every Adult that Played Sports Growing Up

There is no better feeling than draining that jumper or catching that long ball in a competitive environment to gain confidence, energy and new relationships.  That’s what adult sports can deliver. So, let’s jump into the list.




One of the fastest growing recreational sports in the country is cornhole.  The sport has begun to replace the sport of horseshoes because of its ease of play and portability of the setup. Cornhole can surely be played by children, but it has quickly grown into an adult scene as the physical requirements are less than that of a soccer or football league.  

The Klamath Cornhole League is one of the newest and fastest growing adult sports leagues in Klamath Falls.  There are singles and doubles divisions available and the organizers make sure to add fun by doing cash contests, blind draw teams and occasional tournaments to really test your skills.  Winners of the league can expect to take home some cash, pride in winning the league and confidence to take to the upcoming tournaments.

The league and tournaments are operated by OG Boards.  You can find more information on Cornhole in Klamath Falls by visiting their webpage or messaging them on the facebook group page.


There is no doubt that some of the best sports facilities in Klamath Falls are right in our own backyard at Mike’s Fieldhouse & Steens Sports Park.  One of the quickest growing adult leagues in the area is because of the Adult Soccer League at the facility.

If you are an avid soccer enthusiast, Basin United Soccer is just the league for you. Operating out of Mike’s Fieldhouse at Steen’s Sports Park, Basin United offers soccer opportunities for youth and adults alike. League options vary by season, so be sure to contact them at (541) 273-1152 or for more information.


Operating out of the Bill Collier Community Ice Arena at the Running Y Ranch Resort, Klamath Ice Sports is the hockey destination for the Klamath Basin. The facility itself features a 200’ x 85’ refrigerated ice sheet under a pavilion style roof and is open five months of the year.

KIS offers several different adult options. Adult Hockey for those that want to play with just adults, League Hockey for players of all ages, and Drop-In Hockey that allows for team play without the commitment of joining a true league team. All activities are non-check, and a minimum of helmet and gloves are required for adults (though full equipment is recommended).


The Klamath Falls YMCA hosts several sports leagues throughout the year. Presently the Y is offering an adult spring basketball League with men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions.

The basketball league is one of the few regular opportunities to play organized basketball in Klamath Falls despite basketball being one of the most successful sports in the basin.

Players can put their own teams together, name their teams (pending approval from the YMCA) and practice at their leisure. There is even an outdoor court where you can practice or shoot around to get ready.

For more information, contact the Klamath Falls YMCA at (541) 884-4149.


If you like to bowl and have ever thought about joining a league, the Epicenter is just the place for bowling leagues in Klamath Falls. There are several different league options, and if you don’t find the one that fits you can always start your own!

The Epicenter also offers fun ways to practice like open bowling, cosmic bowling and even lessons if you’re looking to up your game.

For more information on current leagues or how to start your own, request information here.


One of the newest sporting leagues to join the Basin is the Klamath Basin Flag Football League. This sport has been growing throughout the country in recent years and has found a home in Klamath County as well. There are several different options available, including Men’s, Women’s, and Co-Ed adult teams. Teams travel throughout the local area to play other teams and participate in tournaments.

For more information on the Klamath County Flag Football League contact Man Up and Women Up Sports through their Facebook page. They operate this adult flag football league in Klamath Falls and will answer any questions you have.


Klamath County offers many other opportunities to play sports throughout the year, and the change in seasons may offer another venue to check out and join.  Be sure to keep up on the local sports scene through web searches as new sports come into the basin from time to time.

If you don’t see the perfect sport or activity to join, we encourage you to start a group to build an organization locally.  There may be others seeking the same activity, but don’t know the best way to organize a new sport or league.

Outside of organized leagues, there are also several opportunities for open gyms and small groups to get together and compete.  Facebook groups and individuals posts times and locations to play and can be searched by Facebook’s search box or on google with Adult Sports Leagues in Klamath Falls.