As summer starts to wrap up and the days become shorter, there are certain DIY projects around the house that you can complete in just a weekend that will also increase your Klamath Falls home value. 

 So, what are the projects to increase my Klamath Falls home value? 

Your time is valuable and renovations are not cheap, so that is why it’s important to make sure that the time and money you take to renovate your home actually increases the value.  It’s not always “knocking the wall out” or adding square footage that increase value. In fact, some of the minor DIY projects are the ones that can add value without a lot of time and money.  This is our topic in this week’s blog article. We want to give you some quick projects that will immediately increase the value of your Klamath Falls property. 

1. Clean Those Carpets

Carpets tend to get some of the worst treatment in the whole house. People either leave their shoes on, spill liquids, or track in mud. You may regularly vacuum your carpets, which is excellent, but there is more service to your carpets that you can do. Get the suds and start scrubbing! Cleaning your carpets is a simple task that doesn’t cost much, but its results can go far.

Carpets and walls are the first things people notice in a home. If your carpet has noticeable stains, then that will immediately turn off a potential buyer. Maybe your carpets don’t have any large noticeable stains? That’s great! However, it’s still essential to clean the carpets to give it that extra clean feel. People notice when things seem extra fresh, which makes them feel like they’re in a home that is well taken care of and there won’t be any surprises.  

Oh, and do you have pets? Then, this is a definite must since future home buyers might not have or might not want pets, so pet smells are an instant turnoff and possible “deal breaker”. Make sure you buy cleaning products that are pet-friendly that also get rid of pet odors and stains or hire a professional to take care of it for you.  A1 Carpet in Klamath Falls is a great company and often has deals on their website. 

2. Paint

Remember when I said the first thing potential buyers notices are the walls and carpets? Well, if you have unattractive walls, then the buyers won’t care how fresh your carpets look or smell. Walls get chipped and over time colors fade out of popularity. Now is that time to take action and add life back into your walls.

Some colors add value to your home more than others according to a report from one of the biggest real estate listing companies. A living room painted warm tan with pink undertones could increase a home price up 1.3 percent, more than any other color. Take the test to see what other places you can improve or ask advice from a professional at your local home improvement store or paint shop.  If you’re not the painting type, hire a Klamath Falls professional painter. We like Precision Painting.  Give them a call. 

3. Flower Garden

A flower garden at the entrance of your home can dramatically increase curb appeal. To start, you’re going to want to start by defining the bed edge before beginning. Use a sharp spade to slice into vegetation. With the blade embedded into the soil, move the spade around to form an open trench. If you use herbicide to remove vegetation, create a physical barrier or shield using cardboard, plastic, or lumber to prevent any spray from drifting onto surrounding plants.  We love this curb appeal video tutorial on creating a great edge with just a shovel.  

Okay, you have an edge, now what?  If you don’t know what to plant for your area, season and desired appeal, head to your local nursery and check out what others are putting in their cart or ask as professional.  The one thing to remember when adding value to your home in Klamath Falls through gardening is to either consider installing irrigation or buying a sprinkler with a timer to make sure they are getting watered enough and can survive the season.  

4. Update Bathroom

A leading research study states that if you add periwinkle blue in the bathroom, your home price could be 1.3 percent higher. That’s small work for a big payoff! Other things you can do is decorate your bathroom. Take some time and start to create a vision board for what you’d like your bathroom to look like. Get some magazines, or if you prefer to make a Pinterest board, and start collecting ideas that speak to you. People also notice how clean the bathroom appears to be; that’s what people find important to them.

Another quick improvement that can make a huge difference is lighting.  Sometimes different lighting in the same space is all you need. Head to your local home improvement store and buy three different types of bulbs, one white, one warm and one in the middle.  After you change your bulb each time, take a picture. Send the three pictures to your spouse or friend and collect the answers. Remember, you not only want the light to look good, you want it to make you feel good in the space.  This goes for all rooms. 

5. Spruce up The Entrance

According to a large study,  a black front door can increase your sales price by 2.9 percent.  Add a reef that features the season and it’s colors to create a “cozy” feeling. Be sure to give everything a thorough cleaning so that it appears maintained and loved.  Believe it or not, this alleviates concerns that there might be “surprises” elsewhere. 

Let’s not forget an essential part of the entrance to your home, the walkway. First impressions are critical, so make sure to borrow or rent a power washer and spray down your walls and sidewalk. This washes away any decay that time creates so that you have a pristine entrance.  Pro tip: If paint starts coming off when you are pressure washing, stop and use a hose and soapy sponge or rag to clean to prevent further damage.  

Even though doing one of these projects per weekend would take a month or so, the improvements will be obvious and the perceived value of the home will increase.  Find your inspiration online or other homes you visit and start scheduling time for mini-projects. Before you know it, you’ll have completed our top 5 DIY projects and have the feeling of a new home you might not want to sell anymore. There’s no guarantee that you’ll sell your home at the price you’re asking for, but you’re much more likely if you put in the time and effort yourself or hire a professional to help.  

In our next DIY article, we will cover improvements that will take more than a weekend, but may send your home value “through the roof” when looking to sell your Klamath Falls property.  Once you are ready, make sure to connect with a professional real estate agent in our Klamath Falls offices.